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Purses & Pearls



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 In this game, I will pick you out a ticket, whatever is on that ticket, is yours to keep.

Categories this week are: 

-Wax Melts




-Skinny Mixes

-Purse Essentials (Touchland Hand Sanitizers, Hand Sugar Scrubs, Wipeys and Beaut Oral Refreshers) 




-Hair Clips


-Easter Items



-Belt Bags


-Paper Products

-Hand towels

And more!

You can get 3 tickets for $35 or 6 tickets for $65. 

 Shipping is $10 per week. The week starts each Sunday and ends Saturday at midnight. So you will pay $10 for your first order that week and you can purchase as much as you like during that timeframe. We will box up all orders from that previous week on Sunday and Monday shipments will go out by Tuesday. 

As always, No refunds, No exchanges and All sales are final. 


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