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$18 Bag of Balls #3 - 2 Color Click Pens

$18 Bag of Balls #3 - 2 Color Click Pens

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In this grab, you will receive 2 Color Click Pens. Only 15 grabs in this game! In addition to the pens, you will receive your name on the Bag of Balls Game List. Each person who purchases a pen is given a number. We will then pull out balls one at a time. The person who fills their row first will be the winner of a prize as our thank you for purchasing the pens. We will play this game as soon as all 15 are sold. 

All sales are final. Please keep in mind that you are NOT guaranteed to get an additional prize. Only 1 in 15 will receive an extra prize, but everyone will get the pens that they are buying. Absolutely no refunds.  

Shipping is $10 per show.  We will box up all orders from that previous week on Sunday and Monday shipments will go out by Tuesday. 

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